Practical Wildlife Care 2nd Edition

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About the author:- Les Stocker MBE, HonAssocRCVS is the founder of the Wildlife Hospital Trust, St Tiffywinkles, Europe’s first and the World’s busiest wildlife teaching hospital.  He is the author of a number of best selling books, papers, articles and writer of television programs on wildlife rehabilitation and is accepted as one of the UK’s leading experts on wildlife care.



Practical Wildlife Care,2nd Ed



Wildlife care and rehabilitation is often on a one-to-one basis and involves a lot of time, care and skill. However, for many years, care of injured wildlife was regarded as a low priority and euthanasia was the recommended option. A lot has changed over the past twenty years and now caring for wildlife casualties is part of everyday life in many veterinary practices.

Following on from the major success of the first edition, this second edition provides even more useful information on wildlife care and rehabilitation. As well as covering a whole range of species, with sections on birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, this edition now includes information on many ‘alien’ species appearing in the British countryside such as wallabies, wild boar and exotic reptiles.

In this edition:

  • Essential guidance on handling, first aid, feeding and releasing, and many other disciplines not featured in veterinary or nursing training
  • Full of helpful tips from an expert in wildlife rehabilitation who has unparalleled practical experience
  • Expanded chapters on the care of all species – particularly casualty badgers, otters and hedgehogs – and more comprehensive guidance on rearing orphaned mammals and birds
  • Lots more color pictures to aid in management and care techniques and the latest information on zoonotic diseases from around the world