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ACES Cat/Small Animal Shield

A must for veterinarians, technicians and kennel personnel. Just slip the light, transparent panel into the cage, push toward the rear, and inject through the evenly spaced holes. Easy to clean and a convenient means of treatment that is safe for the handler and humane to the animal.


Description Id Price Quantity  
Shield for Feral Cat Dens 9.5" x 9.5" CS-9 $25.20
Shield for 15x15 to 23x23 Cage CS-15 $51.45
Shield for 24x24 or Large Cage CS-24 $61.95

Humaniac™ Scratch Bricks

ACES is making your enrichment dollars go even further with the introduction of our "No Frills" double sided Humaniactm Scratch Bricks for confined cats! 

We have cut the fancy packaging and printing and have gone back to basics, on our double sided "no frills" Scratch Bricks and thus effectively doubling the life of the brick and saving you money! 

Scratch Bricks for cats have been around for a long time in various shapes and forms. We have designed our own “no frills” Scratch Bricks to help you reduce the stress for confined cats in your facility. These “bricks” attach securely to cage bars and will encourage cats to perform natural behaviors like scent marking, cleaning their nails and exercising their paws. Most scratch pads are single sided only but our Humaniactm Scratch Bricks allows for the unit to be turned over, effectively doubling the life of the brick. 
Available in 25 and 50 lots.  Dimensions 3.5" x 9.5".  Made in the USA from at least 30% recycled material. Some assembly is required.


Description Id Price Quantity  
Scratch Bricks 25 SB-HK $26.25
Scratch Bricks 50 SB-K $42.00