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Humaniac™ Dual Release Catch Pole

Brand new to the market!! After 2 years of extensive R&D, ACES has brought to the market the first new catching pole designed by and for you, the Animal Care Professional. It has a dual release mechanism that allows for either an instant release or a quick release, dependent upon the situation. This patented Huamaniactm Dual Release Catch Pole features improved non-slip grips, automatic locking mechanism, spring loaded noose, heavy duty aluminum shaft, protective bite guard, a thicker vinyl coated noose and the easy to use slide control for instant release.  This pole will get the job done!

This pole is so good we guarantee you will like it. For the first time you have options on how you want to use the pole. A spring loaded noose release to extend the cable through the pole to release the animal or the slide control which instantly drops the noose from the pole. The choice is yours!

Replacement parts are available for these poles, please call ACES on 800 338 ACES or 303 296 9287.

Free Shipping on this item until September 30th, 2015.

Download the Dual Release Catch Pole PDF here for more details.

 Pat. No. 8,544,421 B2


Description Id Price Quantity  
Dual Release Catch Pole ADR-CP3 $83.95
Dual Release Catch Pole ADR-CP4 $92.00
Dual Release Catch Pole ADR-CP5 $99.75

Ketch-All Pole

Proven in decades of rugged field use. Lightweight aircraft aluminum shaft, swivel head, automatic locking mechanism, instant release, protective bite sleeve, non-slip rubber grips, vinyl-coated noose. For controlling the head; not for lifting. The longer the pole, the larger the noose opening.

Click here for operating and care instructions of your Ketch-All Pole.



Description Id Price Quantity  
Ketch-All Baton; 28" KA-28 $70.95
Ketch-All Pole; 3' KA-3 $73.95
Ketch-All Pole; 4' KA-4 $81.95
Ketch-All Pole; 5' KA-5 $91.90
Ketch-All 4’-6’ Extension KA4-6 $110.95
Ketch-All 7’-12’ Extension KA7-12 $152.95

Ketch-All Stainless Steel Poles

Made exactly like the aluminum Ketch-all poles but with a superstrong stainless steel shaft. Slightly heavier in weight but with a superb balance and feel.


Description Id Price Quantity  
Ketch-All Pole; Stainless Steel 4' KA-4S $112.95
Ketch-All Pole; Stainless Steel 5' KA-5S $120.95

Ketch-All Replacement Parts


Description Id Price Quantity  
Locking Device (for standard poles) KA-LDS $11.90
Toothguard (all poles) KA-TG $4.50
Release Knob for standard poles - not extension poles KA-RK $7.95
Rplmt Head for 4', 5' and 4-6' Ketchall KA-H $20.90
Hand Grip (for standard pole) use KA-HGX for extension poles KA-HG $4.00