Feral Cat & Small Mammal Den

Now available in two styles: A flat-top version to provide an elevated perch for more socialized cats and a lifetime warranty* version with a handle molded into the top. The ACES dens are designed to provide a frightened or fractious animal a quiet ‘hiding place’. Secure the animal inside by closing the porthole door then remove the den (and animal) from the cage for cleaning, treatment, or transport. Completely eliminates risk of handler injury while providing a stress-free environment for the animal. Fits in any cage larger than 24” X 24”.

Now available a cat/small mammal shield that fits in the den (9.5" x 9.5").

*Lifetime Warranty applies to the den body but does not cover any moving parts. The locking pin M-FDLP only works on the M-FCD style den. 



Description Id Price Quantity  
15x11x10 Feral Cat Den *NEW DESIGN*/Flat Top M-FCD $78.22
Feral Cat Den Locking Pin (only works on M-FCD) M-FDLP $4.10
Side Door - Flat Top Den M-DSD $8.35
15x11x10 Granite Den/Molded Handle Top M-FDGC $83.95
Den Front Door M-DFD $13.60
Side Door - Molded Den M-SPD $8.35

Feral Den Easy Opener

A handy accessory to go with your ACES Feral Cat and Small Mammal Den, the Easy Opener enables you to open and close the Den porthole door from outside the cage by fitting the hook end into a hole on the side door. 19” long.


Description Id Price Quantity  
Opener for M-FDGC Granite Den 19" long FCD-EO1 $7.35
Opener for M-FDGC Granite Den 30" FCD-E02 $10.50

Feral Cat Handling Kit

All the things you need when handling feral cats at a discounted price.   Kit includes:-

  • Feral Cat Den Molded Granite
  • Feral Cat Den Opener 19"
  • HumaniacTM Critter Gloves (medium sent unless specified) can substitute for HumaniacTM Cat & Wildlife Gloves
  • Cat Tongs 28" (green tongs)
  • Freeman Cage Net

If all these items were purchased separately it would be $352.13 (over 15% savings)


Description Id Price Quantity  
Feral Cat Handling Kit FCH-Kit $314.00