Tru Catch Top & End Carriers

TruCatch Top & End & Restraint Carriers

Top and End Carriers are designed to make animal transportation simple and convenient. These carriers are compatible with a range of traps including the 30-LTD, 30-D, 36-D, 30-Fat Cat and 42-D. Transferring an animal from a trap to a carrier frees the trap to be used again, making your trapping experience more efficient.

Restraint Carriers allow the handler to restrict the animal to one side of the cage for vaccinations. It also allows easy transfer from a Tru Catch Trap or Carrier.

There is currently a 16 week lead time for this item. We apologize for the inconvenience.  For suggestions on alternative items please call 800 338 2237.

Live Animal Trap Accessories

Tru Catch Live Animal Trap Accessories

Trap Covers help to keep cats calmer in the trap once they have been captured.  Made from brown vinyl, cover can be secured to the trap. Available for TruCatch Models 30″ and 36″ traps and other similar sized traps.

Trap Trays are now available for the 30-Fat Cat and 36-D traps! This steel tray prevents messy situations from reaching your car upholstery, carpet, or wherever you are transporting an animal. It cleans easily and is powder coated for a lasting finish. We now have trays for the following TruCatch Models: 30LTD, 30FCD, 30D, and 36D and other similar sized traps.

TD-2 small divider. This divider allows for animals to be moved in a carrier or trap for feeding or Clinical Treatments use with TruCatch Models 30LTD, 30FCD Fat Cat, 30D, and 36D traps and other similar sized traps.

TD-1  large divider.  This trap divider allows the captor to trap smaller animals in larger traps. The TD-1 also permits easy release by keeping the animal in one end of the trap. This trap divider works for TruCatch Models 42D, 48HD, 48F, 60HD and 72D and other similar sized traps.

Wheel Kit – This two-wheeled axle kit allows easy transport of not only large traps, but the animal that the trap may contain as well. The wheel kit quickly attaches to the trap with two tie-down straps (included). This wheel kit is compatible with TruCatch Models 42D, 48F, 48HD, 60HD, and 72D and other similar sized traps.