Model 179B is a COpistol , it is a convenient projector for short to medium range (up to 25 meters).  It is not recommended by the manufacturer for darts over 3cc.  This projector is powered by a 12-gram COcylinder only.



Model 179 Pistol

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Pneu-Dart Model 179B is a breech loading projector, is a convenient short-to-medium-range projector. It is not recommended for RDD Devices over 3cc. This projector is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cylinder only.

Model 179B Specifications

  • Stock and action – Benjamin Sheridan
  • Overall length – 13 1/2″
  • Barrel – 13mm caliber smooth bore
  • Sights – Open
  • Weight – 3 Ibs.
  • Range – 3 to 30 yards with 1cc Type ‘P’ disposable RDD Devices
  • Controlled by gas release valve located at rear of bolt


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