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 Ketch-All, Dual Release, Cat & Snake Tongs, Snappy Snares


Handling & Capture

Aces have the largest and most extensive range of animal handling and capture equipment available in the market today. From our exclusive Dual Release Catch pole to leads and nets, you will find quality items at affordable prices for any situation you may find yourself in. ACES continues to search worldwide for new and better equipment that allows you to do your job better and humanely.

At all times animal welfare is paramount in our decision making as to bringing suitable equipment to the market. This, along with years of experience in animal handling and capture, ensures that our equipment is the best available anywhere in the world.


Care & Housing Products

ACES can supply you with a wide range of modern cat, dog and wildlife enclosures. Every size from single units through to condos, banks of cages and large colony cages are available. We also represent a number of the country’s leading manufacturers of kenneling systems. We are able to recommend the best equipment for your facility to match your budget.

Along with these products we offer a wide variety of accessories. From cage cards to veterinary scales and equipment, ID engraving machines and other forms of pet ID solutions, through to degradable pet waste systems, beds, bowls and beyond.


Chemical Capture

ACES specialize in the complex field of Chemical Capture. From pole syringes to blowpipes and “tranquilizer guns”, we offer the most modern and advanced systems in the world.

There are significant differences between the various types of remote delivery systems and advise that if you have little or no experience, a class in chemical immobilization is highly recommended in helping you determine which equipment best suits your needs.


Disease Control

The control of infectious diseases in animal housing facilities is a difficult and complex problem. No single product or approach will eliminate the problem of disease control and a multi faceted method is considered imperative. The use of appropriate disinfectants along with overall sanitation is critical. ACES offers a wide variety of cleaning solutions along with sanitation systems and commercial grade high pressure washers.

ACES does not recommend the use of bleach only as a disinfectant within facilities. It has many detrimental effects and can be substituted with safer and more efficient alternatives. ACES also have a wide variety of products that can be utilized in keeping your facility safe and clean.




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Tech Tips

ACO's Friend
When using an ACO's Friend and approaching a dog, have the loop over your off shoulder (hand not holding the leash) so that when the dog sniffs the back of your hand you can easily slip the noose over the dog's head and secure the animal from fleeing.

Tranquilizer Guns (CO2 powered)
Do not store your gun with a CO2 cartridge in it as it puts the seals in the gun under pressure and eventually the gun will not work as it was intended to.

Practice, practice and then practice some more before heading out to dart an animal with a blowpipe.  Did you know that you can buy mouthpieces separately for the Teledart Blowpipe?  This is great solution for multiple users.  Mouthpieces can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher for cleaning. 

TNR Hints For Trapping Stray & Feral Cats (by Alley Cat Allies)
Prepare traps away from the trap site so you do not disturb the cats.  Line the bottom with newspaper.  Place about a tablespoon of bait at the back of the trap, past the trip plate and drizzle a trail of oil in a zigzag pattern leading to the front of the trap.  Tag each trap with its location so you can return the cats to the same place later.  place the traps on level ground and set them.  Never leave traps unattended.  Watch from a distance where you won't intimidate the cats, but you can see if anyone is approaching.  Stay calm and have a towel ready!

Once the trap is sprung, cover it immediately and entirely with a large towel or sheet to help keep the cats calm.  Don't pick up sprung traps if other cats are still sniffing around the trapping area.  Wait for a quiet moment to fully cover and move the traps.  Although the cats are scared and may thrash or seem "unhappy" remember to never let a cat out of the trap.  Take the cats in their traps to their veterinary appointments.

Remember to clean the traps with a non-toxic disinfectant such as Kennelsol.

For more information visit 

How to catch an Emu with a Snappy Snare - This is a 2 person job, first person is behind the Emu to encourage the Emu to run along the fenceline (Emus like to run along fencelines) towards the second person holding the Snappy Snare ready to go .  As the Emu comes past the handler with the Snappy Snare (poor person) you release the loop of the Snappy Snare over the top of the Emu's head.  Hopefully you still have the Emu at the end of your Snappy Snare.  You then make the Emu run in a circle around you approximately 3 times (still attached to the Snappy Snare).  The Emu will then collapse to the ground in dizziness.  Quickly place a hood over the Emu's head and hog tie the feet.

Alternative use for a Snake Hook -This is a great piece of equipment to hook off slip leashes from aggressive dogs.

Versa Net - Deb from Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge sent this one in:-

We use our versa-nets on a regular basis and they are great for catching raccoons, foxes, and other wild animals.  Once caught with the net closed, if you roll (or twist) the pole so that the net wraps around it, you can roll up the excess net with the animal in it and this provides a great way to restrain them so that they can be sedated for an exam or injected with other meds.  It also keeps them from struggling in the net and hurting themselves or the handler. This method may also work well for feral cats.

Tips from Officer Daeffler, Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys

When catching aggressive dogs or dogs that may become aggressive once placed under control; Use a snappy snare and a short catch pole. Assuming you are able to snappy snare the animal, run the two tools parallel so that you can keep the animal at bay while having the functionality of the snappy snare. This is not for beginners and a thorough understanding of dog body language, behavior, and fear reactions is essential.  

When having to use a catch-pole on an aggressive dog; You can layer duct tape on the business END of the catch pole where fearful dogs will bite, thus preventing the mouth injuries so common in the catch-pole capture technique. Also tying a vibrant stuffed animal can be used in the same fashion and will help bring the dogs focus on the pole and not your body.

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